How to sell designs on Amazon Merch successfully


One of the less well-known e-commerce business opportunities is selling merch on amazon, but it is nonetheless lucrative. Merch by Amazon is a viable approach to create a passive income stream if you are consistent. This is not the route to go if you want to make some quick money. Amazon Merch is expected to expand more after the introduction of sponsored advertisements. If you’re not aware, it’s time to take advantage of it. 

For those who are unaware, Merch by Amazon is an Amazon service that allows you to sell branded products through print-on-demand printing. You select a product to sell, make a custom design, upload it to Amazon, and set the pricing. You receive royalties from Amazon when a customer purchases an item containing your design. Use your designs to appeal to a certain market, such as pop sockets for beauty influencers or t-shirts for anglers.

  • Find freelance graphic designers for high-quality work on websites like Fiverr or 99Designs.
  • Use public domain photos in your artwork; you won’t need to obtain a license and customers will still be able to recognize them.
  • Profit from social media’s trending topics; there are constantly new pictures, jokes, and ideas that people want to put on t-shirts.
  • Create a social media following for your business so you can inform a lot of potential clients about new design releases.
  • Promote your listing using PPC ads or Amazon’s portal promotions area.
  • Eliminate unsuccessful designs to make place for fresh concepts.

Who Can Benefit from Amazon Merch?

The fact that there are currently little obstacles to entry gives Amazon Merch an advantage over other kinds of retailing. There are no up-front charges and the setup is simple. You can use Merch by Amazon if you’re an artist or a graphic designer with original ideas. The platform’s invite-only nature is its main disadvantage. However, you may attract buyers to your products with original content and a strong social media presence.

For sellers, this is a fantastic option because Amazon handles production, shipping, and customer support. As a result, you remove inventory risk. Additionally, you don’t have to be concerned about out-of-stock situations, customer support, or quality control. You experience less problems because Amazon takes care of all these elements from their end. You choose the prices for your products with Merch by Amazon, and these decisions have an impact on your royalty income.

Royalties: How are they paid?

You receive a portion of each sale of your goods. You must bear in mind that since you are merely uploading the item’s design, you cannot use this model to make profits akin to those of a business. The amount of royalties you receive is influenced on the product’s pricing. Along with that, additional aspects that affect your royalty payment include Amazon costs, including those for materials and production, packaging, and shipping, handling returns, and customer support. While taxes are added to the purchase prices on Amazon US during checkout, they are displayed on the product details page for Europe and Japan.