Protect your reputation- How privnote safeguards your messages?


The hackers, government surveillance, and companies mining our data, it feels impossible to have a truly private conversation online. That’s where Privnote comes in.  Privnote is a free online service that allows users to send messages that self-destruct after being read. It ensures your sensitive communications, like an embarrassing secret or confidential work documents, won’t fall into the wrong hands.

Self-Destructing Messages

The core of Privnote’s security is its self-destructing messages.

  1. You go to and type your sensitive message into the text box.
  2. You also upload files or add passwords at this stage. Then you hit “Create Note.”
  3. Privnote generates a unique, random URL for your note. This URL is the only way to access the message.
  4. Privnote encrypts your message and stores it temporarily on their server. The message only is decrypted with the URL.
  5. You share the URL with whoever needs to see your message. They simply click the link to open it.
  6. After the message is viewed, it is immediately deleted from Privnote’s server. The URL also stops working at this point.
  7. That’s it! Your message was delivered privately and is now permanently deleted. No history or trail was left behind.

This straightforward process keeps your communications secure while also being quick and convenient to use. The peace of mind knowing your sensitive messages will vanish is invaluable.

Best practices for maximum security

While Privnote is highly secure by design, there are still some best practices you should follow to get maximum privacy:

  • Don’t reuse links – Only share a Privnote link once and with one person. If you need to reshare a message, create a new note.
  • Shred before sharing – Enable the “Shred Note” option when creating a note. It makes the note unrecoverable after reading.
  • Use password protection – For very sensitive data, add a password that the recipient must enter before reading your note.
  • Avoid screenshots – Ask the recipient not to take screenshots of your Privnote message. It prevents spreading.
  • Use the mobile app – The Privnote mobile app has extra security like PIN locks and screenshot blocking.
  • Verify identities – Confirm the identity of whoever you are communicating with to prevent impersonation.
  • Delete notes after reading – Don’t keep open Privnote links in your browser history. Delete immediately.

Following these best practices reduces the already tiny risks associated with Privnote even further. You have full confidence your confidential messages will reach the intended eyes only.

Privnote in action- Real-world use cases

To better understand the value of Privnote’s self-destructing messages, let’s look at some real-world examples:


If you want to report unethical behavior at your company, Privnote allows you to share incriminating documents while avoiding identification. The info gets to the journalist intact but be traced back to you.

Relationship Advice

Seeking relationship advice often means sharing intimate details about your partner. Privnote allows you to be honest with your friend or counselor without worrying about screenshots getting out.


Victims of cyberbullying collect evidence in Privnote to share with authorities. The harassing messages disappear after being reviewed, preventing further spread.

Legal Matters

Lawyers often need to discuss confidential case details with clients and colleagues. Privnote gives added protection to this privileged information.  As you see, Privnote is versatile enough to handle sensitive communications across many facets of life. Anytime you need to share info privately, Privnote has you covered.