The Benefits of Using Text Message Archiving Solutions


Compliance can be challenging to navigate for most businesses. Rules and regulations may diverge depending on the location, and often companies find themselves with unexpected violations. Organizations such as FINRA in the US and GDPR in the EU heavily regulate business communications, which is why message archiving is a crucial practice.

What is Text Message Archiving?

Text message archiving captures and stores texts sent and received by the company. There are plenty of ways to archive messages enterprise employees regularly exchange, including via screenshots or software.

Archived messages are important in maintaining compliance with regulatory organizations. The texts you stored also serve as evidence in case of legal situations, auditing, and company investigations. Practicing archiving also ensures you maintain customer trust and business reputation.

Why Should I Use an Archiving Solution?

There are several reasons why most companies hire 3rd party services to provide them with effective archiving solutions. Their software is more effective and convenient than taking several screenshots per message and manually uploading them to the database.

Quick and Easy Capture

Taking individual screenshots of each conversation is tedious and could result in employee non-compliance. With an archiving solution, you and your employees can capture the original format and send it directly to your storage networks.

Time Stamping Shows When Something Occurred

A text message archiving solution includes a time stamp of when each message was sent and received. In the event of an investigation that requires a proof, you can show recorded evidence.

Set Rules on Internal and External Messaging

Some employees can get carried away with texting that they don’t realize they might be putting the company at risk of breaching. Specific keywords and phrases potentially exposing confidential business data might be included in the materials sent. With an archiver, you can establish regulations on messaging limitations.

Flag Breaches and Broken Rules

A text message archiving solution will notify you in case of rules breaches so you can take the necessary action. With its monitoring and surveillance features, an archiving solution can prevent risks and ensure compliance.

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