Find emails: unusual and affordable ways to find data on potential customers


Services and services offered by search giants, as well as apps that help collect company email data, have not worked. Where do you look for email addresses, so you don’t spam approximate domain names? There are many unusual ways to perform such a search with high accuracy. But it’s still worth checking out all the usual ways to search for specific addresses again first. At, you can read an advanced guide to such searches. The experts at Reply give a lot of sound advice on how to organize searches using what they say are handy tools, without the use of complicated technological schemes. And for the most part, these searches are productive and give you a quick answer to your query. But we’ll touch on an unusual way to search for e-mail addresses of potential customers.

How to get new leads when the usual resources are exhausted? There are many creative solutions. And all of them are just as simple, although somewhat unusual.

Press contact service – HARO and similar services

HARO or SourceBottle are specialized services for finding information for the media. Here you can create an account for a journalist user and an expert account. In either case, a request for an answer to a popular question in your business niche will be appreciated by other users. And the answers and email lists of those who work in the same segment will appear in your email. But there is one peculiarity here – you will have to parse these links and addresses, as they may contain potentially irrelevant positions.

If you know the phone number: 50% success

Surprisingly enough, this simple way of finding an email address is not used by everyone. Although it is very effective, especially for public companies and company management. To do this, all you must do is:

  • open the window of one of the well-known search engines;
  • enter the phone number in different formats;
  • the search usually displays either a link to a social network account or a specific address associated with the person.

It should be noted that in this search you can find a personal e-mail address. Whether or not you should use it to get in touch on a business matter is up to everyone to decide. Some people will not want to interfere with their personal digital space. But not everyone separates personal space from business. Especially when it comes to benefits and an important offer for the growth of the company.