3 easy steps to boost employee productivity remotely in 2021


One of the biggest challenges of the post COVID world is ensuring high productivity levels for your business operations in the remote infrastructure setup. The good news is there are various tools, applications and software that provide valuable insights on the performance levels of your team. The impact of COVID-19 pandemic has meant that most of the corporate offices have transitioned into a remote work environment. The new dynamic has presented its own challenges in terms of security and keeping high productivity levels. Here are some of the proven ways in which you can boost the productivity levels of your operations.

Tracking of virtual workplace activity

One of the important components worth looking at is the efficiency of your workflow and the effectiveness of your current processes. If you are noticing a slowdown in the recent but are not sure of the reason for this slump, then there are advanced metrics and productivity tools available in the market that can help you.

The different ways of measuring productivity include Risk scoring, AI-powered entity and user behavior analytics, monitoring network activity, endpoint visibility and analysis, timekeeping and keystroke logging. These tools help the employers in providing a comprehensive analysis on the way the employees are spending their working hours. The monitoring of employee productivity with the help of tracking software is a simple measure which provides the ability of automation and monitoring for a wide array of tasks which are relevant to the output of the company.

Simple steps for boosting employee productivity

The 3 simple steps that you can undertake to improve employee productivity includes: Computer monitoring, tracking of virtual workplace activity, and remote employee management. We will take a brief look at one these steps and how it impacts the productivity.

The computer monitoring software offers the managers and employees with a comprehensive analytical dashboard that tracks their progress against the set goals. With the help of user reports in real time, you are able to assess the productivity of an individual on project-by-project, granular basis. You can also choose to see the performance of an entire department as the whole. These software applications and tools provide an ideal solution in the remote work environment for you to micro-manage the different aspects associated with the productivity of your business operations.

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