Importance of images in web design


The standards of web designs are constantly changing and evolving to incorporate multiple factors for better search rankings and to solve users’ queries. Most people do not want to waste time searching got information. They want the work done quickly. They want to be entertained, find information, socialize and allow all the processes to occur on a super-fast and personal level. The root of the website design is to make it attractive, efficient, and personal to allow it to be used for a variety of purposes. Check out website design Malaysia for all your design requirements.

What kind of media should be used in website designing?

All media types can be used for website designing like graphics, images, videos, audio, etc. Anything that can better depict your information can be used on your website for representation purposes. However, you must be careful and not use images of other websites without prior permission. Otherwise, Google and other web browsers may suspend your website. The media you opt to show on your website should align with your target group, fulfill their expectations, and help them understand what you are trying to put forward. You should also consider the devices that people may use for accessing your website, and images should be responsive to the different devices.

For example, videos are the perfect way to engage the audience’s attention. However, there is a chance that the audience’s device may not have the right kind of technical manipulations to be able to view the video. The same might be the case with audio as well. However, images are the best way to boost user experience. Contact web design KL to make your website design better.

Images are preferred content.

Everyone loves images. If there is no image on a website, it is incredibly dull. Even if it has an excellent design, most people would prefer to go with a website that has images. Visual information is seen as a more convenient option. Images are also the perfect tool for triggering emotion in the audience. Furthermore, it has been observed that people memorize and process visual information much better.

Images draw attention

Images are critical for boosting user experience. Over 90% of the information that gets transported to the brain is visual. Images can allow you to attract and gain your audience’s attention. When presenting important information, images can be of superior value.

Opt for using meaningful images

Images are important. However, never use irrelevant images. For every image that you place on your site, ask yourself,

  • Why that image?
  • Why is that image placed on the specific location?

Logos help in orientation.

The image that you will find at the top places on the website is the company’s logo. The logo has two critical roles. First, it helps the visitor identify the website and provides them the safe feeling that they are at the correct location. Second, when visitors come across your logo, they understand that they are still a part of your site.