What Are The Common PC Problems People Face?


You might encounter several errors when you work on your computer, particularly while surfing the net. Computer errors signify that not everything is right with your computer. These errors might be due to a faulty device, a recent application you installed, a faulty driver, etc. Many people do not pay heed to the factors that give rise to these errors. They don’t even bother to comprehensively investigate these errors and opt for an entire wipe. At times, they prefer to reinstall the operating system too. Though these steps fix the issue, it becomes necessary to know the causes of these PC issues.

Blue Screen Error 

Among several kinds of errors, blue screen error is one. This is also called a BSoD or Blue Screen of Death. After your system goes through a fatal error, you will see this error on your Windows computer. When you see this error, you can assume your system has encountered a serious issue. If you can’t fix the errors, you should shut down your system for repairs immediately. Alternatively, you can always fix your PC errors with genuine service providers.

Several factors give rise to blue screen errors. Sometimes, incompatible software like programs, applications, or corrupt codes give rise to blue screen errors. Hardware like solid-state drives, power supply units, hard disk drives, faulty memory, processors, and motherboards become responsible. Some kinds of malware or a PC virus cause this error. Defective fans, overburdened hardware, or dust make a computer overheat, and then it shows a blue screen.

Low Virtual Memory

Most often, people see the error message “low virtual memory. This problem occurs when the virtual memory of a computer is set to a size that isn’t too big. It happens when a software program requests more memory than the computer does. People see this error when they work with high-resolution images, large videos, or large files. 

Several factors contribute to the issue of low virtual memory. These could be difficult RAM modules, insufficient RAM, an issue with SSD or HDD when several resource-intensive programs run simultaneously, a lower paging file value set, etc. If your computer runs on low virtual memory, you will face issues like stuttering, freezing, and crashing. When people encounter this problem when they run or work with an application, they can see accidental file deletion, too. 

Windows Activation Error

Windows activation error is another problem people often face. This happens for several reasons. If you encounter a Windows activation error, you should see whether you have correctly put the product key. When you upgrade to Windows 10 and find the activation servers are busy, you should wait a while before selecting Activate. If you see that the product key has been used already, you should know that you have redeemed and included it in your product.


Besides the abovementioned issues, you might encounter various other PC issues. Hence, it seems feasible to fix your PC errors if they seem trivial. However, if you prefer not to handle them yourself, you should contact the professionals as soon as possible. A professional team is always there to help you fix any windows related problem.