3 ways to convert Webp to Jpg


WebP is an image format developed by Google that allows users to save an image in a lossy or lossless format. However, it is not compatible with certain software. By chance, here are 3 useful methods to help you to exchange WebP to JPG without quality failure.

WebP is Google’s new image format built right into your Chrome web browser. Sometimes Google Chrome will automatically save the image in WebP format which certain photo viewer software cannot display as shown below.

What is a WebP file?

Powered by Google, WebP is an image format, which offers more lossless and lossy compression for images on the web.

What is a JPG file?

After the same picture is displayed on the screen, the immediate image is immediately, and then to save the image below.

Specify where to save the JPEG file, then click Save.

Using an online image converter
If you don’t have other browsers or don’t want to install apps or browser extensions, you may need an online image converter to get the job done. MiConv is one of the best free image converters that support WebP conversion. Open your web browser and visit the MiConv website.
tick Add Files to import the WebP file that you want to translate to JPEG. You can also select the selected link to paste the image URL.

later than the WebP image is uploaded, pick JPEG from the Convert to drop-down menu.
go into your email address and tick the change Now button to begin the conversion.
Convert webp to jpg or PNG with an online converter.

This site works on macOS, Android, iOS, and Linux as well as Windows and the process takes seconds
Visit MiConv on your desktop or mobile browser. From the Home screen, click or tap the arrow next to the Choose File button.

opt whether to upload the WEBP file from your pc (or mobile device), enter its URL to translate it from the network, or import from Google, Dropbox, or Google One Drive. MiConv recognizes the file format automatically as WEBP. Otherwise, click the Convert dropdown menu and choose Image, then WEBP.
Now click on the “Convert to” drop-down menu and select “Image” and then “JPG” or “PNG”.
MyConv is set to display “WEBP to JPG Converter” or “WEBP to PNG Converter” as the page title. “Convert button to convert your file.”
Once the conversion is complete, just click the download button to save the file. old WEBP file as a JPEG or PNG image to your computer or mobile device.