Buying a Vps With Bitcoin – Things To Know


Bitcoin, which has gained popularity as a cryptocurrency, is accepted by various web and VPS hosting providers as a payment method. However, being subject to fluctuation, and because chargeback options do not protect customers who pay for a service using Bitcoin, many major online shops have not adopted Bitcoin. This calls for extra caution at the time of selecting a Bitcoin hosting provider. The following are several things that you should consider if you are about to use Bitcoin to buy a VPS or some other hosting service.

Buy or mine bitcoins

Your first step in the process of obtaining Bitcoins is to either buy or mine them. A recommended exchange service where you can buy Bitcoins is Bitstamp. “Mining” your own Bitcoins is the second option. It may not be worth mining for Bitcoins solely using your own server or PC. The best way is to become a member of a Bitcoin mining pool. Here an entire network of people supplies resources for the unified purpose of earning Bitcoins and the profits are shared.

Finding a Bitcoin VPS provider

The second step is finding a bitcoin hosting provider accepting Bitcoin as a payment method. A Google search for “vps bitcoin” is your ideal starting point. Though quite a few VPS providers proffer Bitcoin payments, not all are trustworthy. The next point will help you make a wise choice.

Verify the hosting provider offering Bitcoin

It is essential that before making any payment, you make sure that you have chosen a well-established and esteemed Bitcoin VPS hosting provider. Follow the steps below for your own security:

  • Research: Search on Google for “providername + reviews” and check the results
  • Social Media: A serious provider will definitely have a considerable presence on social media. So. you should check Facebook and Twitter for the same.

WHOIS lookup: Search for the provider’s domain name on ICANN WHOIS. Here you will find the contact information of one who has registered the domain as well as the registration date. You should make sure that the domain is at least 2 or 3 years old and that it carries the true contact details of the provider.

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