How to use Instagram stories effectively for business


Being as friendly as possible on Instagram could well be the most successful marketing tactic available. One option for doing this is to post a brief video of a business event. Viewing footage of your company’s Christmas party or award ceremony on your Story will provide your followers with a sense of being there in the moment. By reading this material, your consumers will see you as a relevant and accessible voice in your business.

Post the most up-to-date information about advances in your profession.

You could use your company blog to keep your followers up to speed with industry news, you can do the same on your ig story viewer as well. Small news articles that don’t warrant a complete article may be made into Instagram Stories with just a little amount of design work, according to Facebook.

You’ll be able to keep them coming back for additional information about the industry in this manner. In the Hub Spot Instagram Story, you can even poll your followers to find out what they think. 

Make a public appearance with your product and show it.

From the perspective of the ordinary buyer, your product may not seem to be the most user-friendly or aesthetically attractive on the market. With the use of an Instagram Story, you can explain to potential customers how a product is used. Explain to viewers what your product or service does and how it helps its customers in a long video by breaking it down into a few second segments. If you’re in the business of selling software, you may want to use a tool like Loom to record a video of your computer screen to illustrate how to log in, utilise the dashboard, and access the various features of the product you’re marketing. Before saving the video as an Instagram Story, make sure the video’s dimensions are appropriate.

Invite people to a future business event

During each year’s trade show season, does your firm exhibit at a big trade show? You may use ig story viewer to promote an upcoming event and urge your followers to attend by posting them on your profile. Working with a graphic designer or developing your own artwork, create an event flyer that has all of the information a potential customer would need to find you.

Visit your company’s latest blog post or video

The most exposure possible for your blog posts and YouTube videos is critical to the success of your endeavours. Even if social media isn’t the primary source of the traffic to your site, your Instagram Story may encourage people to find that post or video for the first time and then return to it later.

As seen in the picture below, Google Pixel made advantage of its Instagram Story feature to showcase a video it had shared about a customer who had used the device. In order to watch this video, you must first touch all the way to the end of the Story and then swipe your finger up from the bottom of the screen.