OKI C830 A3 Color Introduced For the Cost from the A4 Printer


The printer looks common, it’s unsurprising: OKI remains manufacturing devices along with your design for quite a while. The primary family features would be the silhouette in the smoothed box, the printing path with horizontal paper guiding, the top of output tray along with a distinctive interface.

suki – Hardware

The printer ink cartridges possess a design typical for OKI design that enables separate substitute of drum and cartridge while using the toner. The declared drum yield exceeds individuals in the cartridge greater than two occasions: 20,000 and eight,000 pages correspondingly. The starter cartridges, obviously, contain toner barely enough for 2000 pages.

Across the right side, underneath the covering is hiding a hatch that provides usage of expansion slots. The C830 model enables for memory expansion as much as 768 MB (the onboard 256 MB and optional 512 MB module), combined with installing an optional hard disk. Obviously, aside from these choices available additional trays and floor stand, furthermore to two-sided printing unit.

For communication while using the outer world the printer is outfitted through getting an Ethernet port, a USB and parallel port. The best two such machinery are added for extreme or special applications, but in addition for modern systems and applications the network port may be used.

TBS Fusion Hardware Upgrade

Like several “big” printer, OKI C830 can help you make use of the emulation of several languages and protocols: PostScript 3, PCL 5c, PCL XL, PCL 6, HP-GL, Epson Foreign currency and IBM Pro Printer III XL.

The specifications within the printer promise us a comparatively good speed: 30 and 32 parts per million for color and monochrome modes, correspondingly. However, the measured maximum speed colored barely contacted 20 parts per million in A4 format. Probably the most for the A3 is less — 17.5 parts per million.

Because it switched out, speed parameters sit within the printer menu, but compensated with the administrator password, so during test, we have to enjoy the default settings.

For almost any multi-page document with color illustrations tasks processing considerably slowed along with the rate of printing didn’t exceed 10 parts per million (Automatic Mode, Regular 600×600). The PCL was faster: 9,7 parts per million and eight.5 parts per million for A4 and A3, correspondingly. PostScript mode labored very leisurely: 7.7 parts per million and 5.4 parts per million for A4 and A3, correspondingly.