How WorkExaminer Helped Businesses Navigate the Challenges of 2020?


Employees and businesses across the globe had to face the global pandemic in 2020. They also have the challenge to switch on to remote work to survive and sustain. WorkExaminer is providing all possible assistance to businesses to make smooth transitions with its software to remote work system throughout the Covid-19 crisis.

The pandemic is claimed to have changed permanently the way businesses operate as agreed by 51% of organizations. Technology is all set to gain major boost with 45% of businesses planning to increase their investments in technology. This is to provide support to distributed workforces in the coming twelve months. Therefore, in 2021 productivity software and workforce analytics is expected to play a significant role and continue beyond it.

There are some classic examples cited from our customers on how we managed to support their dire needs during this pandemic time in 2020.

WorkExaminer gets Workforce Analytics performed correctly

“Our organization considers WorkExaminer to be a proven invaluable asset over the last six months during the crisis period. We desired a solution to derive better insights of our team’s productivity. This particular need was the top priority since our team had been working remote during this period. The team at WorkExaminer provided us with a trial setup immediately. As we decided to go ahead to deploy this advanced technology across the company, they guided us to derive the optimum.”

“In-built dashboards offered us with insight and data which is what we had exactly wanted. Our employees were also able to access their data as well as monitor own productivity and performance. Although COVID-environment compelled us to adopt this system during the initial days, we have realized its benefits and are presently using WorkExaminer to enhance our future business prospects.”

“The entire business community is faced with lots of concerns resulting from the pandemic situation. Remote work procedure has been implemented to ensure employee safety. The process includes WorkExaminer and is likely to be part of our permanent tools post-pandemic environment.”

“WorkExaminer responded very quickly to our concerns or questions with regards to the product. They also provided us with personal training to use the product in our business to the optimum. They were also prompt to answer our questions. We use our new service every day and enjoy it thoroughly. In today’s ‘new normal’ world, it is not possible to think of an organization that will not implement such this system in its business.”

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