Why Your Business Needs A New Website 


Web development is not a one-time thing. Surprising as it may be, you cannot build a website once and expect it to keep generating results for as long as your business lives. 

But many small business owners are unaware of this fact. And it is understandable why. Who has the time to keep fussing over a website? 

However, you should know that unless your website is upgraded according to the latest web development standards, it won’t serve the purpose you built it for. 

Why did you build a business website? So it could represent your business online, help you tap into the pool of online prospects, and get more sales. 

But the truth is, a website that hasn’t seen a single update in years won’t do any of that properly. 

Since your website is like your business’s online salesperson, an outdated website with obsolete features won’t paint your business a good image. And so, your website won’t be fulfilling its purpose of representing your business nicely online. 

An outdated website won’t help you tap into the pool of online prospects either. How exactly? 

If you haven’t updated your business website in a while, it probably does not align with the latest search engine ranking factors. That means that even if you did SEO or search engine optimization when you launched your website, it might no longer be able to compete with other similar websites and rank higher. 

Additionally, many search engines, like Google, prioritize ranking regularly updated websites. 

So, when your website doesn’t rank, it won’t interact with online customers. And hence it would fail to fulfill its second and third purposes. It won’t be helping your business interact with new online customers, nor would it win you any new sales. 

An outdated website does not contribute positively to your business. It actually affects it negatively and threatens your business’s reputation and revenue. 

These, however, are only two of the many reasons why your business can thrive only with a new, updated website.

For more reasons why you should consideroverhauling your existing (outdated) website, checkout this infographic by Landau Consulting, a web development company in New Jersey, whichs hares a dozen reasons why your business needs a new website.